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It's a recap of the icons I posted on my personal journal.
Feel free to join for updates.
Of course I've got some rules:
1. Comment if taking/using.
2. Credit is appreciated...a lot ;)
3. You can use my icons everywhere: on boards, LJ... ( see #2)
4. I take requests so i you want something, go ahead !
5. No hotlinking.
6. Sorry about all the mistakes i did or will, i'm not english and i do a lot of grammatical errors :~


Dafont The Blooming Effect 8nero Image After Stock.xchng 1greeneye.net Inxsomniax Jill Greenberg Manipulator Lost Media Alias Media Buffy.nu Magurno Brushes Design Fruit

ohfreckle, glass_prism, 77words, dearest, bigprisc, bittenicons, unwoundfantasy, maryangel200, skyenapped, ewanism, fightstarr, anoldloveletter, claudia2913, sir, arisubox, tsukicon, tista4u2nv, forbiddenstorm, aconite, delishicons, leggyslove, amethystia, my_givenchy, myrasis, asya_17, unmasked_icons, bourniio, sir, haydens__hunnie, elliptica, cosmo_mouse, myrasis, kirjava17, kaien_kun, tsukicon, fluffypink_lana, lookbehindyou, colorfilter, sabre_dance, kaien_kun, firaga, laloquacious, wash_when_dirty, tipsiicons, sheld0n, padabee, loveicon

I've got a lot of old stuff and I don't remember where I took them so if you recognize something that belongs to you, please tell me...thanks :)


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